Enjoying Summer and Looking forward to Fall

Some views to enjoy of Ferry Point Park:


Skyline view West from this hilltop with zoom

West side of Park                        Bronx/Whitestone Bridge                      East Side of Park

Stairs from Hilltop To Waterfront


Girl Scouts Cleaning Waterfront    

Piping Plover Seen here each May for 5 years was photographed again on May 16th 2009


View from Greenway Entrance off Brush Avenue Bx. 10465

Welcome........and please be patient with our vast array of information.

We have grown so fast that the website got a bit confusing.

So...In order to better assist you in your quest for info on Ferry Point Park,

we have started fresh for 2009 on a new website www.ferrypointbronx.org

We will keep the previous information that pertains to 2008 or earlier

on this site until we have time to combine our growing variety of Ferry Point web sites.

A Coalition is in Progress to combine our active community and volunteers into a better functioning larger group of all the uses of Brush Avenue in Ferry Point.


was held Jan.9th 2009


  • Election of officers
  • Design Discussion Brochure for Bronx Park Speak-up
  • Prepare Volunteer Workshop for Speak-up
  • Increase funding for Friends Group
  • Re-arranging our meeting and office space
  • Development of more media and communications
  • Review of our vison and mission statements
  • Goals for the short, intermediate and long terms

  • Dorothea Poggi wants to offer her new experiences to others of her community.

    Learning more from each of the following groups she is part of.... Dotti now feels more qualified to answer some of your questions pertaining to the wonderful Parks, wild areas, water front and water ways that surround our beautiful area of “Ferry Point and the area of the East Bronx”.

    All these groups will be linked together during 2009 on our general website of Ferry Point


    Park Groups:

    · FoFPP- "Friends of Ferry Point Park" www.FerryPointPark.org   (you are on this site)

    This group Leads Volunteer groups through the process of Waterfront Stewardships/Tree Stewardships/ and we are planning to plant Mollusk Beds to help purify the toxins in Westchester Creek. We have asked for a water fountain on the outside of the future comfort station to decrease the thousands of plastic water bottles that are thrown in the landfills each weekend due to no water fountain in this park.

    We are advocating to have the "ring Road Paved, Named, and placed on 911 & 311 emergency computers.

    FoFPP wants the "Ring Road" closed again for the security of the Bridge/Park/Parking lot/future new field/future comfort station.

    There is a problem with wasted water and erosion that occurs from the open fire hydrants in the park that don’t even provide sprinklers for the children.

    This site is filled with the projects and advocacy that we continue to participate in each year.

    · Partnership for Parks: www.PartnershipForParks.org helps us achieve our goals.

    Dotti attends meetings to help develop the Speak Up and contributes to the workshop section on “creating Alliances for your Park”

    Community Groups:

    FPCG- "Ferry Point Civic Group": www.FerryPointCivic.org   Catherine Poggi Founder 1963 Ferry Point Civic Group·

    FPCAdvocates: "Ferry Point Community Advocates": www.ferrypointcommunity.org

    Besides protecting the neighborhood surrounding the Park, this group also supports the Friends group in their efforts. We are advocating for a Kayak launch at Ferry Point Park, we continue our push to speed up the comfort station construction (which we are told will start in May of this year).


    NEBCA- "North East Bronx Community Alliance": http://www.NEBCAbronx.org  

    This Group consists of most of the civic and community groups throughout board 10 (Throggs Neck area).We meet monthly and try to attend each other’s meetings and rally’s. We support each other in our needs to keep our neighborhoods quality of life at the highest level possible.

    Country Club, Ferry Point, Spencer Estates, Pelham Bay, Throggs Neck, Waterbury LaSalle

    BAAC- "Brush Avenue Action Council": A coalition of all uses of the Brush Avenue mixed use area.

    Environmental Groups:

    · HRRP-Hutchinson River Restoration Project : www.HutchinsonRiverRestorationProject.org

    Eleanor Rae President

    D. Poggi as Vice Pres. will help this group bring the Hutchinson River closer to a water way that will contribute cleaner water for fish and other breeding activities, safer passive and recreational access for the community.

    · BCEQ- Bronx Council of Environmental Quality: www.BCEQ.org

    D. Poggi a Director of this very involved environmental group

    · EBEC- “East Bronx Environmental Coalition”:

    A loosely developing group of previously involved park and water groups that are banding together to help each other. Pugsley Creek/Bronx Greens/FP Park West Coalition/Hutchinson River Restoration Project

    · WCK- "Westchester Creek Keepers": 

    This year Dotti will be working with other interested groups to form the “Westchester Creek Keepers” Working along with Friends of Ferry Point volunteer groups to bring the problems of these water ways to the public.

    If you have interest in any of the above water ways, water fronts, Parks, etc. please call us at 718-829-6863.

    Or check out www.ferrypointbronx.org where we will be networking our many interests.

    Review of Park committee of Community Board 10 met Jan. 21, 2009

    at the Com.Bd office on E. Tremont Ave. at 7:30

    Greening of some areas along the Hutchinson River Parkway was discussed.

    Dotti/Eleanor/Inge as reps. for HRRP will try to get areas along the Hutch River considered as well.

    Review of Park Committee meeting of Com. Bd. 10 /Feb. 10th, 2009

    The first problems of the expansion of the Bx Whitestone Bridge has become evident.

    a beautiful row of 14 year old flowering pear trees has been destroyed.

    These trees should have been moved to the surrounding park area, of possibly along the highway where there is plenty of room for needed trees to filter the poisonous fumes that are produced daily by the thousands of idiling cars and trucks that pass through the toll booths each day...what a shame...


    Saturday was a great day for all Bronx Parks.

    The 15th Annual Bronx Park Speak Up

    was held at Lehman College. This event is brought to the public by the BCPGS Bronx Coalition of Parks and Green Spaces.

    Thank you to the following:

    Lunch is sponsored by Co Ed and the hall is donated by Lehman College.

    Special Thanks to our Councilman James Vacca who participated in the exciting panel discussion. Jimmy included his commitment to support “Friends of FP Park volunteers” in the coming year. Jimmy Vacca has been an obvious supporter of the East side of FP Park. Jimmy has pushed to get the Balcolm Ave. Community Park, The waterfront promenade and the possible Golf Course (which all total comes to 90 million?) to be paid for with Mayor Funds and Parks Department funds. “Friends of FP Park. We are also glad to have Jimmy consider helping us on our West side with designated port-o-sans for the volunteers until the comfort station is complete, and we look forward to creating a special day for his promised visit at the park this coming year.

    The participation of the 7 out of 10 councilmember’s was an important growth step for this annual Event. To have our representatives available for comment on the important issues that affect each park visitor throughout the Bronx was important.

    Thank you Marcia and Richard, Violet and Loraine for attending, your presence is always supportive, from what I could see you enjoyed the day.

    Members of Friends of Ferry Point Park and the Ferry Point Community Advocates have participated in the last 5 annual “Bronx Park Speak Ups” bringing their Master Plan for Ferry Point Park and photos of their stewardship events to the public.

    Within this year our president Dorothea Poggi has networked with various groups and now holds positions in the following groups/ committees etc.